Aggression towards other dogs

Aggression towards other dogs

Aggression towards other dogs is the number one behavioural issue that I am asked to help people with. It can be very upsetting for people, and confusing too, as a much-loved pet goes from gentle and loving to snarling and aggressive, at the sight of another dog. Often the other dog is quietly minding his own business and behaving in a non-threatening manner but for some reason your dog isn’t happy and he’s going to ‘get in there first’ and see the other dog off!

Understanding dog to dog aggression

When a dog shows true aggression towards another dog, he is effectively saying I don’t want you around. The specific motivation behind this can vary to a degree but fundamentally it means that your dog perceives the other dog as a threat to his – and in many situations, your – survival. It also usually means that your dog believes that he has no choice but to resort to aggression. For most creatures the options when faced with a threat are flight, freeze or fight. For a variety of different reasons, many dogs can end up feeling that flight or freeze are not an option and that an aggressive response is the only choice they have.

To resolve dog to dog aggression we have to look at the bigger picture and truly understand the world from our dog’s unique perspective. There is always work to be done in the house and garden first, as we build a relationship of trust, respect and cooperation, and then gradually head back out into the wider and more challenging world. Once our dog is feeling more confident with us, we can begin to introduce him to other dogs in a controlled manner.

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