Dog behaviourist Norwich testimonials

We are very proud of all our clients for prioritising their dogs welfare and being prepared to “think outside the box” in their journey towards canine harmony.


Dear Lucy

We are so grateful for the difference your method has had on Izzy’s life and ours. After she had bitten twice it really seemed that our only option was to have her put down until I spoke to you.

With your patient and clear guidance we have been able to take on board a new way of thinking and now understand Izzy and what makes her tick.

We no longer have a dog that knocks us flying as she races first through the gate. She only warns us that someone is at the door rather than an outburst of aggressive barking. She will walk behind or next to us when off the lead and she walks next to us on the lead without pulling. When confronted with another dog I can now hold Izzy’s attention with a treat and she will ignore them.

I know that we still have work to do with her and that it is an ongoing process but I can honestly say our relationship with Izzy is a better and safer one. If I were to get another dog or puppy I would certainly use this method so that it would become happily integrated into our home.

Thank you Lucy for giving us this valuable insight into the way a dog thinks.

Jane and David, Norfolk

Dear Lucy

It is now ten days since your session here and there has been a great improvement in Sheba’s (recently rescued German Shepherd) behaviour. Her aggression towards Jason is much reduced and a little time-out is all that is required to stop it in its tracks.

She is much less frenetic in going through doors, and lead-work is noticeably less stressful for us. The two dogs sleep peacefully together now, are quiet overnight and have both taken well to the new feeding routine.

There are steps backward from time to time, often occasioned by our own mismanagement of some activity, but progress is continuing and we are learning all the time.

We also found your own approach towards us authoritative but never authoritarian and we both much enjoyed your session here.

Many thanks to yourself and to Dog Listening.

Shelley & Brian Mitchell (Saham Toney, Norfolk)

Dear Lucy

I was devastated and stressed out when the police turned up at my house a second time. My dog Orson had bitten a passerby outside our door. In my eyes it was not a huge bite but I still felt responsible and was afraid it would happen again. I thought we would have to put him down.

I can say that Lucy has saved him from this fate. Orson is an extremely nervous dog and is frightened to walk outside on the streets or anywhere near people, so walks were limited to certain areas which he liked. He also kept barking at night at any passerby. Our second dog Queenie started to misbehave too and wouldn’t respond to recall and also barked at visitors.

The day Lucy left our house we had two changed dogs, who still tried to enforce their status but very quickly settled into their new life. Orson is now a lot calmer at home and he responds well to the recall training in our garden, of course having an appetite for treats also helps.

Queenie has became calmer and responds to recall and has stopped barking at people. She still has moments when she feels she needs to protect me but I quickly divert her attention with treats. One day I want to walk Orson calmly outside on the street without the stress and fear. I know we have a long way to go and I am confident we will get there.

Thank you Lucy.

Kristina, Norwich

Hi Lucy

I thought I would just give you a bit of an update on Harry (and Alfie); Harry has made huge progress and is generally a more confident and sociable dog, there is no gnawing at hands or growling – occasionally if I am really getting him to do something he doesn’t want to he will bark at me and then stop as he seems to know he shouldn’t!

Harry happily goes out for a walk (pulls a bit still sometimes but other times walks brilliantly) but tail is up and wagging and he readily greets other dogs – not sure how that happened. To begin with when we were taking Harry and Alfie out together I would stand to the side with Harry and let Alfie do his sociable thing!

I think we just understand Harry better now and that’s made all the difference, Harry and Alfie are good together and curl up together as well as play! And as for Alfie he is just such a comical and confident little boy.

Best Wishes,

Caroline, Norfolk

Hi Lucy

Thought I’d give you an update.

After you left, it was though we had a different dog – & this one was a pleasure to have.

However, the next couple of days were a nightmare! Nothing we did made the slightest bit of difference to Jake – he really was the dog from Hell, worse than he’d ever been. Once he’d used up his 3 chances, which he did very quickly, we tried to put him in his crate as you said. But every time one of us reached for his collar, he would spin round and bite. Not the usual mouthing or a little nip, but a proper bite.

We persevered and bit by bit he’s come round to our way of thinking and behaving – not his!!

If we’re having something to eat, Jake sits beside one of us barking for food. This doesn’t seem much like progress until you realise that we couldn’t even be in the same room with just a biscuit, before your visit!

I realised he still has a long way to go, but today for the first time since he arrived, I was able to stoke & fuss him without him backing away or trying to bite me. Jake is slowly starting to do what we want, although every now and again, he has a rebellious moment.

I can now see a time when we will have a happy, well-adjusted and obedient dog – something I thought would never happen. I can’t believe the change in Jake in just 2 weeks!

Thank you very much for your help – we are no longer considering re-homing him.

Helen, Norfolk

Dear Lucy

We rescued Skip, a very small Jack Russell, in February 2011. Being terrier owners for years we thought we would be okay until we got the poor little thing home. He was so wound up….tail chasing for minutes on end, biting his tail red raw, rubbing away his hair under any piece of furniture he could get under, aggressive when feeling threatened, generally a hand full. So why did we keep him?

Well he’s a loving dog who just wants to please but doesn’t know how. He liked a cuddle from the start and you could feel the tension drain away. We also kept him because we involved Lucy within a week and she too saw that there was a lovely little dog in there somewhere.

Lucy spent a day with us and it was a day well spent. We learned how to handle his odd behaviours so no one became stressed. She observed and explained and gave us strategies for dealing with him.  She gave us hope.

Four months on and Skip still chases his tail but for only seconds at a time and only when something new flusters him. He doesn’t eat his tail and scratching is in hand. We have changed his diet and recognise when a session is coming up and we distract him.

We have learned, with Lucy’s help, how to introduce Skip to new people and dogs by a slow and structured  system whereby we are in control and the dog does not feel threatened. It works.

We don’t always get it right and neither does Skip , or indeed the other dogs, but between us we are improving.

Still along way to go and we have much to learn… that is dogs and humans alike but Lucy is at the end of the phone, always patient, always helpful , always encouraging. Any problem and she’s there to talk it through with and give ideas of what to do.

One day we will be able to take Skip onto the beach at Holkham and let him run free. That is the life we want for this plucky and loving little chap. A journey for us all but so worth it.

Thank you Lucy.

Shirley, Norfolk

Hi Lucy,

It’s now been two weeks since you came to my rescue with your wonderful knowledge of how a dog’s mind works. My very lovable toy poodle, who’s name is Doogle, is taking on board every thing you have taught me. It’s taken me a year to try and get Doogle the poodle to fetch and bring the ball back to me but with your methods I got him to fetch and come back to me in one hour!

Also meal times are so good, Doogle eats all of his meals now instead of wanting to graze. I have even got him off wet food and he has a healthy holistic diet, recomended by you. We just need to conquer the walks now, which I’m sure we will.

There’s no doubt you have made such a difference to all our lives. Thank you so much for teaching me the right way to make Doogle’s life a happy and stress free one. I will recommend you to everyone with a dog in need of being shown the right way. Your methods certainly work.

Thank you again.

Jane Pardon, Norfolk

Dear Lucy

My husband and I were at our wits end and considering re-homing our beautiful six year old patterdale (Pippy) because, in the last six months, she had started attacking our thirteen year old labrador, (the most recent time he ended up at the vets).

However, something was telling me not to give up on Pippy and I made some phone calls. During one of those calls I was given your phone number and we arranged for you to come to our house. During that time we were amazed at the outcome of the techiques you suggested on our four dogs, although we knew it was only the beginning.

It has been nearly three weeks since your visit and we are amazed at the improvement so far. Our oldest dog, Duke, is a lot more relaxed and enjoying the training along with our other dogs, Charlie and Missie. I have to say that Duke has been given a new lease of life, it’s wonderful to see.

Pippy has made improvements in some areas, however, she is being very stubborn in others. We know we have a long way to go with her but feeling more positive that Pippy has a future with us.

We cannot thank you enough for your time, support and understanding.

Michelle and Martin, Norfolk

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for bringing calm and tranquility to our home. Domino is responding so well to our new way of life and because he is calm and relaxed – so are we!

Walks are once again a pleasure, with Domino walking calmly beside us and not reacting to other dogs.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other dog owners and are really pleased to have discovered Dogs in Translation!

Thank you once again.

Ann, Cambs

We contacted Lucy to help with our new 10 week old puppy who had become very nippy and was becoming really hard work, hanging on clothes and biting ankles. Lucy showed us what we were doing wrong and gave us a very clear program to follow, to correct the problem. There was a dramatic improvement over the next week, and after a fortnight the behaviour had completely gone. Our puppy is much more settled and hasn’t licked the fridge in weeks.

Thank you Lucy.

Chris, Aldeburgh, Suffolk


Dear Lucy

Your one to one visit has left a lasting impression. I found the positve calm approach was so encouraging. It did so much for me, which I am now able to use in training Benjamin.

It is two weeks on now and Benjamin and I have a much better relationship. He is no longer trying to be the “leader” and does not challenge me any where nearly as much as before. He comes when called, walks to heel and does not jump up on me.

We are still in the process of training when visitors call, but this is coming along nicely.

Bearing in mind that Benjamin is still just seven and half months old I am really pleased. We have a way to go yet, but I am so happy with our progress so far.

I would certainly recommend you. Thank you so much

Gloria Loughlin, Norfolk

Hi Lucy,

I am pleased to report that Murphy & Sam are now coexisting peacefully, walking side by side on a leash and sharing car space.

Thanks for your help with the dogs – it has really worked well.

Mike, Norwich

Hi Lucy,

I wanted you to know that Bramble is now 12 months old and is behaving fantastically. We have just had a weekend in a hotel and she was impeccably behaved. She is calm and submissive in most situations and enjoys herself hugely since we now do not need to be ‘on at her’ all the time and of course we too enjoy ourselves more.

I have a friend whose daughter in Hampshire needs help with her Cavalier King Charles puppy and I wondered if you could tell me who she should get in touch with to find ‘a Lucy’ in her neck of the woods?

Many thanks again for your help.

Pat, Norfolk

Lucy came to visit us just three days after we got our five month old Border terrier puppy, Tilly. I felt that if we started in the right way it would make things easier and we have implemented the method with great success!

Lucy gave us the confidence to teach Tilly the pack rules, which means we don’t have confrontations but just quietly and firmly remind her, of her role within the pack. We find that Tilly responds really well to the calm, gentle approach and visitors to our house are very impressed that such a young dog behaves so calmly in their presence!

Thank you very much Lucy.

Sally Beevor, Hargham, Norfolk

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for your help!

I really thought I was going to have to re-home one of my dogs, which would have been heart breaking!

All the dogs are so much calmer now and there has been no aggression between Deefer and Bella since your visit.

I would definitely recommend you to other dog owners who are having problems with their dogs.

Rosemary Shelton, Norfolk

Dear Lucy

Thought I’d give you an update on Kama and Molly since your visit on the 24th July 2010.

Where do I begin? I guess by being honest and saying after you left, me and my husband both thought how’s this going to work? All we’ve done is sit and talked about our dog’s behaviour and how to show them we are in charge. (How was time out and a dog gate going to stop Kama barking at other people and dogs)?

But I’m pleased to so say that after just a week we started to see a little change and nearly three weeks on we have seen a big difference in both dogs. Kama is so laid back, the barking has dropped by 95% and she now lays in the back garden while the ducks are still out. We take her over the field for a little walk and other people don’t seem to bother her. Although she may still pull for a few seconds when she sees another dog and give the odd bark, she is becoming a joy to take out.

She really does enjoy letting me and Trevor be the head of the house, so she can do the things she likes, which most of the time is sleeping or laying with her head out of the back door watching the world go by.

Molly also seems to be enjoying the changes, although she does have to try and push the boundaries every now and again, she knows that time out or the lead means she has gone too far. Given that she was the ring leader, I’m not surprised. She also has calmed down a lot and the jumping up on our laps when we are eating and the begging at our feet, has already just about stopped.

Both Kama and Molly enjoy having their own space so the gate was a really good idea.

So all I’ve got left to say is one big THANK YOU for your help, we now have two very happy laid back dogs. I really would recommend you.

Thank you once again

Charmaine and Trevor Cooper, (Proud owners of Molly and Kama).

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for your help!

I really thought I was going to have to re-home one of my dogs, which would have been heart breaking!

All the dogs are so much calmer now and there has been no aggression between Deefer and Bella since your visit.

I would definitely recommend you to other dog owners who are having problems with their dogs.

Rosemary Shelton, Norfolk

I took on my two new dogs filled with love and enthusiasm but I soon lost control of what was going on with their behaviour and we were all getting more anxious and stressed. I rang for Lucy’s help. She was calm and friendly, explaining the approach, demonstrating and helping me master it. I learned so much and as a result, we’re all happy relaxed and enjoying each other’s company again!

Thank you so much.

Cathy, Lowestoft, Norfolk

Hi Lucy,

Hope you are well. Everything is going really well with our Renzo, thank you again for your very interesting consultation. It has really made a lot of things much easier to understand. We have been working particularly on the “hunt/walk” issue with him, and are pleased to say that he has already improved lots. It is possible to walk him out our gate and up or down the road with very little stop-changes needed. He walks with his ears back, and often his tail down, being really relaxed. What a change to his previous high-alert state of mind when being out with us. Of course it’s still early days, but we have found the changes in him already very impressive and encouraging.

Many thanks!

Christine & Simon Wood, Suffolk

Dear Lucy

When I first contacted you about Fly, the rescue dog I had taken on board, I was worried the dog was very unhappy and I didn’t know how to make her have a fuller and happier life. Your visit gave me a structure and focus to work to and gave me confidence that what I was doing was not detrimental to her well being.

Although it is a slow process and often I feel that we are not getting along the road very fast, there are signs that things are coming together. Your continued support has been marvellous. Fly is still a very timid dog in some situations but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and get glimpses of what the real Fly could be like, given time love and patience.

Thank you so much.

Frieda and Fly, Norfolk

Hello Lucy

This is just to say “thank you” for visiting my Mum and helping her with her elderly dog. She found the approach quite complicated to start with but is now a real fan, and I believe has bought the book (plus a copy for me!).

I know she has thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I greatly appreciate the time and care you have taken. It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Many thanks again.

Alison, Cambs

Hello Lucy

Your guidance with Poppy, our 13 week old puppy, has been invaluable. We are carrying out your instructions to the T when we have visitors, it makes such a difference to have a well behaved dog. We have schooled Ann next door, of course she can see the difference. And we have introduced Swifty the greyhound to Poppy, they have sniffed noses, no doubt with time they will become good friends. Your visit on a one to one basis is much more beneficial as you can meet us in our own home, & see the dog in that situation too. For a couple of nights after you came Poppy was a little unsettled, but is back to normal now. It’s lovely to call Poppy & she immediately responds. Poppy is definitely bonding with me more which shows she trusts me. I know with your guidance we are going to have a lovely, happy & stable dog. I really can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards,

Mrs R W Bibby, Norfolk

Dear Lucy,

I wanted to say thank you so much for your invaluable advice and support with Georgie. In the weeks before your help we had seriously considered whether a dog was right for us and whether we could cope with her behaviour. After just one consultation we realised that it was our behaviour and modelling that needed to change and a calm and consistent approach using the techniques you taught us have made an unbelievable difference. Georgie was incredibly anxious but is happier and calmer as are we and understanding her world and needs has helped us make this change. Also the one to one work you offered to our seven year old Finn is already being put in to practice and he raved about his new techniques and the fact that Georgie doesn’t want to bite him but he has to teach her!

Thanks again!

Sharon, Norwich

Hi Lucy

Hope you are well.
I thought I would give you an update on Eddie.
We have a MUCH happier dog!
We have had no aggresive behaviour or growling for several weeks now.
He now makes no attempt to climb on the sofa or the bed. He sleeps in his bed beside us and we have had no more ‘accidents’ in the night.
He heels off the lead (we are still working at the pulling on the lead).
He is very aware that any bad behaviour will result in a ‘time out’ and he doesn’t like being excluded at all.
We are very grateful for your help, it has made such a difference.
It is so nice to have a calm and affectionate dog!!
Kind Regards

Carla, Norfolk

Thank you to everyone for all your testimonials and kind words,