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Prevention really is MUCH better than cure and getting things right with a puppy from the moment that you meet, is setting yourself up for a harmonious and joy-filled life with your dog. A puppy’s mental and physical requirements are different from those of an adult dog and it is important to take these differences into consideration.

By slowly and gently introducing your puppy to the wider-world and the new and often challenging ‘stimulus’ within it, you can begin the process of creating a well-balanced, calm and cooperative dog. It’s important to understand and recognise that your puppy has a unique personality and capabilities, often very different from his litter mates, let alone others of his breed! Understanding this ensures that we can cater to our puppy’s specific needs, rather than inadvertently exposing him to situations and circumstances that may cause him to become increasingly more stressed.

Understanding what makes your puppy tick and why he does the things he does, enables you to create an environment that he can thrive in, safe in the knowledge that you are the one that he can trust. Interacting with your puppy in the best way, right from the start, allows him to form a clear picture of pack dynamics and how he fits into them. This considerably reduces the possibility of problem behaviour and other stress related issues, including poor health.

All too often the beginnings of problem behaviour are put down to the ‘high spirits’ of puppyhood. Although some spirited behaviour is to be expected, it is not uncommon for patterns of behaviour developed at this time, to extend into adulthood and become more persistent. If you are at all concerned about your puppy’s behaviour or if you would like to find out more about how I can help you to create the best life for you and your dog, please feel free to contact me for an obligation-free chat and advice.

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