Dog group work

Dog group work sessions

These sessions are available to people who I have already worked with, or, people who already follow Jan Fennell’s kind and positive approach to living and working with dogs and have either read ‘The Dog Listener’ and ‘The Practical Dog Listener’ or watched the DVD of the same name. It’s important to have already begun the process of reassuring your dog that all is well and that he/she can trust you – in the house and garden first – before bringing your dog into a group situation. It is also important to understand the effect on your dog, of bringing him into a group situation.

Many dogs can manage group situations well, but for some dogs they can be an over-whelming experience and problems can ensue, either immediately or at a later date. Understanding and recognising stress in your dog, is key to success in the company of other dogs. Taking the right action if your dog does become stressed, is paramount to gaining his trust, respect and cooperation and ensuring that subsequent group interactions go as well as possible.

The group work is designed to bring small groups of people and dogs together, for socialisation, fun and further development. Some of the courses will be for dogs who are worried by other dogs and are showing aggression. If you meet the above criteria and would like to work with your dog in this way, please contact me for further details.

To find out how I can help you and options on how to proceed please call Lucy  –

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