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Dog Listening Workshop hosted by Michelle Childerley – BBC 1 and Sky 1- Animal Communicator.

Cambridge – Sunday 6th July 2014

Join me for a fascinating day where I shall be sharing my approach to living with dogs with Michelle, and looking at how it relates to her wonderful approach to animal communication.
Communication is key! 
Learning how to communicate calmly and effectively with your dog, is pivotal to gaining the trust, respect and cooperation that makes living with dogs a joy!

Come along and find out how to – 

  • Clearly understand and communicate with your dog in his/her own language
  • Gain his/her trust, respect and cooperation
  • Resolve problem behaviour ranging from general lack of cooperation through to aggression and separation anxiety
  • Recognise when your dog is stressed 
  • Start out on the right paw with your puppy
  • Prevent your dog from developing behavioural issues in the first place – prevention is so much better than cure!
  • Understand your unique dog and what he/she needs – they’re all different!
  • AND . . . discover the link between your thoughts, feelings and emotions and your dog’s behaviour!!! The most exciting research in canine behavioural science is revealing just how tuned into us our dogs really are! Find out how, by focusing on your own happiness and peace-of-mind, you can influence your dog’s behaviour in one of the simplest and most rewarding ways! 

There are limited places available on this workshop, so please take this opportunity to spend the day with Michelle and  Lucy. It promises to be a most enlightening one!

Sunday 6th July 10.30 – 4.30 Cambridge

£35 per person, places limited

Please visit – Michelle Childerley Animal Communicator  to book your place on this exciting workshop.

This workshop is coming to Norwich! Please email me if you would like more information.

[email protected]



An Introduction to Dog Listening – Spring 2014

Come and find out how Jan Fennell developed her kind, positive and holistic approach to living and working with dogs and how, by changing the way that you interact with your dog/s, you can gain their calm cooperation in all areas of your lives together.

This workshop will be held at Weston Longville Village Hall between 10am and 4pm. It is aimed at dog owners who would like to develop a deeper understanding of their dog/s and/or are experiencing dog behavioural issues, ranging from general lack of cooperation through to aggression towards other dogs.

Details to be confirmed.

Please contact Lucy if you would like further details.