General lack of cooperation

General lack of cooperation in dogs

Pulling on the lead, jumping up at visitors, excessive barking, poor recall, to mention a few. General lack of cooperation is the result of confusion about who is in charge and the associated stress!

As with all problem behaviour, the solution lies in understanding what is really going on for your dog and your ability to calmly and consistently communicate leadership, in a way that is easily understood. By changing the way that you interact with your dog, in general, you can gently guide him into a calmer and more receptive state of mind. It is then possible to teach your dog to walk calmly beside you as you head out into the wider-world, to come back when called and to stop barking once you have indicated that all is well. In fact, teaching your dog to do anything, is so much easier once you are both using the same language and singing from the same hymn sheet!

By calmly and consistently taking control of the important times in your dog’s life, in the house and garden first, you build the trust and respect that forms the basis of any great relationship. This will allow you to shape your dog’s behaviour in a kind and positive way, and create a life with your dog that brings you both joy and happiness!

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