one to one dog behaviour consultation

Home consultations

A one to one dog behaviour consultation is suitable for you, if you would like to gain a broader and deeper understanding of your unique dog and resolve – or avoid – problem behaviour. By visiting you in your home, I am able to work with you, your dog/s and any other family members to create beneficial relationships and an environment that allows your dog/s to fulfil his/her greatest potential as a valued member of your pack.

Depending on the behavioural issues, I am usually with people for between two and four hours and during that time I initiate a change in pack dynamics and lay down the foundations for a process that you will then continue to implement. After I have been out to visit you, I continue to support you via telephone and email, guiding and encouraging you as you proceed. The back-up is included in the cost of the consultation and is an essential part of the service that I offer you. My existing clients tell me that the on-going back-up is invaluable and I regularly hear from them with progress reports and to offer on-going advice as they encounter new challenges and life-changes.

A one to one behavioural consultation is of particular benefit to you, if your dog is exhibiting any of the following –

  • Aggression towards other dogs (including own pack members)
  • Aggression towards people (including owner)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear of noise – thunder, fireworks, gun shots
  • Problems with food – not eating, food obsessed, guarding.
  • Excessive barking
  • Destruction – of home, of self (chewing paws, pulling out hair, obsessive grooming/licking)
  • Toileting in the house
  • Eating faeces
  • Compulsive behaviours – tail chasing, licking, pacing, digging
  • General lack of cooperation – pulling on lead, poor recall, jumping up
  • General anxiety


How I empower you –

  1. When I arrive we sit down together and you tell me what’s going on with your dog and the things that you would like to change. Then I ask you some questions, so that I am able to ascertain exactly what’s going for you and your dog and the best way to proceed.
  2. Next I present to you a concise over-view of how Jan Fennell developed her world-renowned approach to Dog Training, and – most importantly – Why it works! This is where you start to have those ‘Aha!’ moments, as everything begins to make sense!
  3. I’ve been working with your dog from the moment that I arrived, and now I explain to you what I’ve been doing, why I’ve been doing it and how I would like you to continue. When looking to resolve problem behaviour in dogs, it’s important to address the big picture, as well as the specific problem, and by looking at all areas of life with your dog, we can make sure that the problems don’t just get shifted to another area!
  4. I round-up by going over the most important points again and then writing your additional notes – the points that are specific to you and your dog – on the instructions that I leave with you. I give you a fair amount of information and I want you to remember and action the most important parts, every day. This is also where the FREE back-up is invaluable. Because of the way that we interact with them, many dogs will behave very differently with a Dog Listener in the house. Sometimes I don’t actually get to see the problem behaviour because the dogs settle down and cooperate really fast! So when I leave and your dog starts to ‘ask questions’ through his behaviour and you can’t remember what to do – You call me!

For options on how to proceed call Lucy for an obligation-free chat –

Tel: 01603 881626

Mob: 07951 328163

Email: [email protected]

Like us, our dogs are all different, they all have unique personalities and character traits. The situations that we live in can also vary considerably; some packs are made up of many individuals – dogs, humans and other animals – some are just you and your dog.

Our flexible approach allows us to accommodate these differences and ensures that you get the best possible service, appropriate for you, your dog and your situation.

As a Highly Recommended Dog Listener and a member of Jan Fennell’s team, I participate in a strict quality control system that ensures you and your dog receive the best possible service and on-going support. For more details please visit – Jan Fennell Quality Assurance