Dog aggression towards humans

Dog aggression towards humans

There are a number of different situations where dogs can show aggressive behaviour towards people. Understanding your dog’s state of mind is imperative when resolving this behavioural issue. For many dogs who are showing aggression towards people, the world has become an over-whelming and challenging place. Aggression is almost always a last resort for a stressed and anxious dog who has come to the conclusion that he has no other choice but to react in this way in certain situations.

The good news is that, through understanding and communication you can guide your dog away from the use of aggression towards people. Please do not be tempted to use force or gadgets and gizmos to try and frighten your dog into ‘behaving’! In many cases this can make things much worse, even if – in some situations – things initially appear to improve. Very often the use of force only serves to make a dog even more stressed and anxious and therefore MORE likely to resort to aggression.

There is a kind, positive and holistic way to change your dog’s mind about people!

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