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problem behaviour

The domestic dog comes in an astoundingly large range of shapes and sizes. From the little Chihuahua who stands only 6 inches tall, to the Great Dane measuring up to 40 inches at the shoulder, selective breeding has created an exceedingly diverse and physically varied creature!

Fortunately for us, whatever the breed, the basic programming is always the same and when we have dog behaviour problems, the solution can be found by looking to the original model – the wolf. It is also very important to understand the impact of domestication on our dogs, especially that of recent years!

Dogs have quite literally evolved to live alongside modern humans in what can be a challenging and ever-changing world! They have developed the ability to read us like a book and can detect even subtle changes in our mood and physiology. This is an essential skill for any creature who is dependant apon another for survival and it means that how we are ‘being’ is as influential to our dogs, as what we are doing.

Understanding the impact that we have on our dogs – for better or for worse – is pivotal to gaining their trust, respect and cooperation. A dog who is exhibiting ‘problem behaviour’ is a stressed dog who is trying to cope in the best way that he can. With compassion, patience and understanding we can take responsibility for our dogs in a way that makes sense to them and gain their trust, respect and cooperation, without the use of gadgets or force!

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Sometimes we can help you resolve your problems over the phone!

Like us, our dogs are all different, they all have unique personalities and character traits. The situations that we live in can also vary considerably; some packs are made up of many individuals – dogs, humans and other animals – some are just you and your dog.

Our flexible approach allows us to accommodate these differences and ensures that you get the best possible service, appropriate for you, your dog and your situation.

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